Private Label

Are you having trouble with customer demand? Don't have enough manufacturing space? Or maybe you are trying to expand your product line quickly? Private label might be the answer for you. Private label services allow you to market pre-manufactured, pre-tested products as your own. You can easily enhance and expand your company’s product range without having to worry about making the products yourself, let Supplement Partners work for you! Private label services can save you time, money and effort. With low start-up costs and Supplement Partners' experience, you limit your own risk. Enjoy higher profit margins and better control over your inventory. 



Label & Package Design

Be sure your product's identity is clearly defined. Let our in-house team of professional graphic designers create your label and package design so that your customers see your brand exactly how you want them to! Not only do great labels improve your product aesthetically, they can also be used for promotional materials. Packaging labels can be applied to food packaging, bottles, boxes, and more. 



We offer dependable contract manufacturing and private label services. When it comes to processing and distribution, Supplement Partners co-packing professionals provide solutions to get your products to market quickly. Let our team work directly with you to come up with a co-packaging solution that supports your brand’s goals and makes your products stand out in-store. As your specialists, your goals become our goals. We look forward to partnering with you.



Laboratory Testing

In an industry that often cuts corners, we separate ourselves by lab testing each and every ingredient. supplement-partners-lab-tech.jpg Some of our key laboratory procedures and objectives are: 

  • Documentation (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ) with step-by-step IQ/OQ procedures and sign-off documents at all steps.
  • Procedures that follow industry-standard methodologies such as ASTM, ISO, as well as US, European, and Japanese Pharmacopoeia.
  • Traceable reference materials, available in formats for either manual or automated testing procedures
  • Factory-certified instrument performance test data.
  • Software for performing and tracking instrument OQ test results.

Our quality control laboratory also has in place: 

  • An active validation plan.
  • User requirements.
  • Specification and functional requirements.
  • Specification documentation.
  • Requirements traceability matrix.
  • Validation of test protocols and scripts.

When it comes to identity and purity, we don't cut corners.